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  • October 20, 2014 4:09 PM | Deleted user

    A February, 2014 Order of the USDC TXWD reaffirmed that uncommunicated edits and corrections made to federal court docket entries do not justify the reopening of time to file an appeal -

    A widely unknown peculiarity within the federal court e-filing practice holds attorneys and law firms responsible to remain current with edits and corrections made to federal court docket events, even if those edits and corrections made by court staff go uncommunicated to the case parties.

    Often times, edits and corrections made to federal court e-filed events go uncommunicated to the affected parties on the case. Despite that fact, the parties are still help responsible to maintain a running knowledge of edits and corrections made to the events within the PACER docket. The Court's seem to have little sympathy for this situation as shown in some of the following research:

    Short of running a regular internal audit looking for edits made to e-filings within the PACER dockets, (which for many firms, is the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack) many firms are simply left vulnerable to this situation, or worse they aren't aware they should be running this type of an audit.

    "ECF Assurance", by CourtAlert runs this cost effective internal audit for you, regularly comparing the e-filings your firm has received against their appearance on the PACER docket, on a schedule you determine. When ECF Assurance catches a difference between the e-filings you've received and they appear on PACER, your firm will receive a notice of the updated changes, highlighting removals and additions of text and providing a link to the PDF document within PACER.

    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about this extremely valuable service we provide at CourtAlert. Also, I'd be interested to hear what firms do in the alternative of our ECF Assurance service to mitigate this risk, so please feel free to comment!


    Kara Looney
    CourtAlert, West Coast Director of Business Development and Sales
    (310) 921-8741 

  • October 08, 2014 11:33 AM | Deleted user

    It was great seeing everyone at the conference. Thanks to my former fellow-board members of the NDA who pulled it off seamlessly and to those who participated in the CourtAlert workshops.  It was a huge success!

  • October 01, 2014 11:34 AM | Deleted user

    Members: I'll be hosting the following CourtAlert workshops at the conference.  Please let me know if you'd like to register to attend in advance.  Look forward to seeing you!

    MONDAY 10/6: 1:45 -2:30 pm “Dockets Deadlines and Rules, Oh My”, detailing the benefits of the CourtAlert for CM/ECF docketing program.

    MONDAY 10/6:  3:30-4:15 pm “Avoiding the Headlines (and Malpractice!)”, detailing the benefits of CourtAlert ECF Assurance program.

    TUESDAY 10/7: 8:00-9:00 am  “Avoiding the Headlines (and Malpractice!)”, detailing the benefits of CourtAlert ECF Assurance program.

    TUESDAY 10/7: 9:00-10:00 am “Dockets Deadlines and Rules, Oh My”, detailing the benefits of the CourtAlert for CM/ECF docketing program. 

  • September 23, 2014 10:56 AM | Deleted user

    If anyone in the San Francisco area is interested in having me stop by your office and conduct a demonstration on CourtAlert for PACER, ECF Assurance, and/or CourtAlert CM/ECF this coming Friday, please reach out to me. I'd be glad to pay you a visit and show you how our products can be useful to you.

  • September 09, 2014 7:36 PM | Deleted user

    I'm excited to be representing CourtAlert's west coast expansion of services and products.  We have a number of powerful products that will streamline your firm's practice and reduce the potential for malpractice:

    1) Assist your firm in tracking federal cases of interest anonymously, through CourtAlert for PACER;

    2) Assist your firm in offsetting the liability created by the federal court's regular failure to communicate updated ECF notice that contain edits and corrections through CourtAlert's ECF Assurance; and last but certainly not least

    3) CourtAlert CM/ECF Docket Calendar Management Program, a highly customizable, rules based program with real time updates and unique features such as a patent pending technology that automatically captures and imports federal e-filings directly into the program itself to help offset recurring PACER costs and a multi-functional knowledge management component.

    Please contact me at (310) 921-8741,, or view or products at


    Kara C. Looney,

    CourtAlert, West Coast Director of Business Development and Sales

  • August 15, 2014 11:13 AM | Anonymous member

    The JuraLaw Justice League will defend the rights of lawyers to properly calendar and docket their cases at the upcoming ILTA show next week in Nashville in Booth 633.  Our team will get into the Comic Con spirit of this year’s ILTA conference as the JuraLaw Justice League. JuraLaw will be demonstrating several new features including multiple reminders, seamless connectivity to Outlook Exchange, document management with NetDocuments and New York court calendars and dockets. Don’t miss the full features of JuraLaw, the only completely web-based docket management product available at ILTA in Booth 633.  For more information about the ILTA show, visit the ILTA conference website. For more info, visit

  • August 13, 2014 3:02 PM | Anonymous member

    Kara C. Looney, an industry leader in nationwide docketing,e-filing, and court procedures will spearhead the new Los Angeles office

    CourtAlert is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Kara. C. Looney as the new West Coast Director of Business Development and Sales. Kara will head the West Coast office to meet the growing demand for CourtAlert services across the U.S. 

    An experienced Docketing Administrator and CourtAlert Case Management user, Kara brings extensive experience to CourtAlert. Kara has led national projects focused on the implementation and centralization of docket management applications for firms such as Jackson Lewis PC, and Mintz Levin PC. Kara was also employed with the United States District Court, for the Northern District of New York where she was involved with the national implementation of the Federal Court’s electronic filing program. 

    Kara most recently served as the president of this Association. We look forward to continued sponsorship of the NDA and undoubtedly, Kara will join us in this partnership. 

    Kara will work closely with the CourtAlert East Coast team to develop and implement the various CourtAlert services used by law firms and law organizations.

    Izzy Schiller, President of CourtAlert, said: "We are delighted to welcome Kara, she will be a valuable addition to our growing team. With such a successful history, she is perfectly placed to spearhead our drive for continued rapid growth."

    Kara comments, "I am very pleased to be joining the CourtAlert team. The company has a fantastic reputation in the industry as an innovative market leader, and I look forward to being part of its future success."

    With a wide range of law firm and court experience, coupled with a rich business development and implementation skill set, Kara brings an essential combination of expertise and practical, real-work knowledge to her new position with CourtAlert.

    Please join us in welcoming Kara.
    Kara can be reached at

  • July 22, 2014 12:25 PM | Anonymous member

    CourtAlert Announces: CourtAlert for PACER Enhancement

    About CourtAlert for PACER:

    CourtAlert for PACER is a popular service used to track for new dockets. 
    It  is the most economical way to track PACER cases.

    This service is available for all PACER cases nationwide

    Users can control the cost of tracking by choosing the search frequency:
    Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, 15 Minute; 24/7 optional

    Alerts are clear and formatted like a PACER docket.CourtAlert for PACER allows users to track cases in all PACER courts. Users receive alerts when there is a new docket in the cases tracked, along with a link to the PDF in PACER. 

    CourtAlert is announcing highlighted alerts when a docket is  edited on PACER. 
    CourtAlert for PACER now alerts when a docket is 
    edited by the Court with highlights to indicate the edited text

    CourtAlert for PACER goes back 10 days to see if there are any edited dockets.

    No action is required on your end, the new feature is now in effect.  Users will continue to get alerts of new dockets filed. The new edit docket alert is the same alert number.

    Learn more about CourtAlert for PACER Here

  • December 04, 2012 2:15 PM | Anonymous member

    What it does: ECF Assurance alerts users in the event that you do not receive a CM/ECF email notification from the Court. It also alerts of revised dockets text when the court did not notify users.

    Why it’s necessary: The ramifications for missing an important ECF emails could be devastating. Attorneys have found themselves having to ask the court for extensions, or worse, potentially open to malpractice liability because they missed a CM/ECF email. 

    Relevant Rules and Case Law - Click Here for complete research

    How it works:  CourtAlert ECF Assurance automatically and reliably compares the court docket to the email notifications you receive from court. Users are alerted when there is a new or revised docket entry which was not received by CM/ECF Notification. 

    We recommend you speak with the Partners, General Counsel, Risk Manager and Ethics Manager of your firm to let them know about ECF Assurance. If you don’t regularly check the docket sheet you are at risk for what others have gone through.

    For more details See our website or email

  • February 02, 2012 7:25 AM | Deleted user

    American LegalNet Adds NY Docket Direct™ Feature to eDockets™

    New functionality integrates New York court alerts and automated diary entries direct from the New York Unified Court System into eDockets

    Los Angeles – January 26, 2012 - American LegalNet (ALN), the premier provider of “Desktop to Courthouse” workflow technologies that reduce risk and minimize cost, today announced the addition of the Docket Direct™ feature to eDockets.  Docket Direct integrates New York court alerts and automated diary entries direct from the New York Unified Court System into ALN’s national rules-based docketing and calendaring solution, eDockets, on a dynamic basis.

    eDockets’ Microsoft® Outlook integration populates all timekeepers’ Outlook Calendars with relevant Cook County court docket information as it is released from the clerk’s office. The integration of the New York Civil Supreme Court data is the same information available to clerks in courthouse*, which allows firms to track cases in real time. With Docket Direct attorneys can monitor a case’s motion schedules or trial assignment and receive alerts when motions or other appearances are scheduled and/or adjourned. 

    Docket Direct allows users to import the entire case history into eDockets or to select only specific case information including judges, plaintiffs, defendants, and counsel. Likewise, users can limit imports to future events only, such as future court appearances. A web-based link provides access to the court case history, which the attorney may access directly from Outlook.  Events imported via Docket Direct can be reviewed through ad-hoc or scheduled docket reports.

    The addition of Docket Direct continues to distinguish eDockets as more than a rules-based docketing and calendar application. In addition to Docket Direct, eDockets integrates CM/ECF receipt processing through the Auto Docket® feature and also integrates with official, government and agency forms through ALN’s Forms WorkFlow product. ALN’s eDockets is the first product suite to integrate New York Civil Supreme Court data as well as Cook County (IL) data, Northern District of Illinois’ federal judge’s Daily Calls, PACER notices, and official forms into a single easy-to-use platform serving a firm’s national needs.

    "We are excited to announce the enhanced functionality of eDockets for our current customer base and New York law firms,” stated Erez Bustan, president and CEO of American LegalNet. “The functionality in NY Docket Direct shows our continued investment to deliver the most comprehensive workflow in the docketing industry. We are proud to be able to provide an unmatched docketing solution to law firms that practice in New York. Finally, there’s a viable alternative to CompuLaw, MA3000 and Court Alert that offers court rules for jurisdictions that need them plus a seamless integration with Court Data, something that is unmatched in the industry.”

    American LegalNet will be showcasing Docket Direct in New York City, January 30 - February 1, 2012.  eDocket and Docket Direct demos are available at the Sheraton, New York, Madison 1 Conference Suite. To schedule a meeting, contact or

    For more information about Docket Direct or eDockets, visit or call 800.293.2771.

    About American LegalNet

    American LegalNet, the premier provider of “Desktop to Courthouse” workflow technologies, has been delivering innovative, high-quality legal products, content and services to enhance workflow efficiency, minimize risk and reduce cost for more than 15 years. American LegalNet provides an industry-leading suite of products: the award winning rules-based eDockets, Forms WorkFlow and eFiling Portal; and offers a robust menu of supporting professional services. Over 50 percent of the Am Law 100 are American LegalNet clients. American LegalNet is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit


    Amy L. Juers

    Edge Legal Marketing

    P: 651.450.9090


    Steve Tiber

    American LegalNet

    P: 818.817.9225


    • *Docket Direct data includes all public case information.
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