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  • April 25, 2023 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    You don't want to miss Virtual Momentum 2023 – Aderant’s annual gathering of clients, staff, and industry partners from across the globe! This year, we’re pleased to offer a virtual docketing track covering the future of the docketing profession, docketing best practices, important changes & rules updates in 2023, and panel discussions with docketing thought leaders. Click here to view the Virtual Session List.

    Can't find the time to schedule the sessions in your day? Don't worry - all sessions will be available to view on-demand for up to 90 days post-virtual event. Register Now for exclusive access to the virtual docketing track at a reduced rate of $195! Use Code: DOCKET23

  • March 24, 2022 3:16 PM | Anonymous member

    Over the past 10 years, technology has significantly improved workflow efficiency and accuracy in the legal calendaring space, and it began with the introduction of JuraLaw, the FIRST completely web-based legal calendar management system in 2012. 

    Prior to the introduction of JuraLaw, electronic legal calendaring systems only existed on law firm servers. While law firms have typically not been early technology adopters, they quickly embraced JuraLaw’s web-based format that eliminated the software installation process, allowed users access wherever they had an internet connection and automatically provided all users with the most current JuraLaw version available. Today, law firm customers also appreciate that JuraLaw is hosted in the AWS cloud where their data is secure and less costly to store.   

    JuraLaw was developed by Law Bulletin Media, a family-owned business that's been providing the legal industry with products and services since 1854.  LB Media created the first legal calendaring system, DM200, in 1984. Over the years, LB Media has been the leader in anticipating customers’ future technology needs by transforming DM2000 into their national JuraLaw product, introducing JuraLawyer, the first integrated legal calendaring app and developing proprietary migration tools to onboard new customers accurately and efficiently. 

    In its next decade, the JuraLaw team promises to continue to provide the best customer support led by former law firm docketing professionals and to continue to offer the most technologically advanced, yet intuitive JuraLaw product based upon customer input and feedback. 

    The future is bright for law firms that use JuraLaw. 

  • July 09, 2015 12:32 PM | Anonymous member

    The best case management software now offers the best rules.  CourtAlert is proud to announce its highly anticipated integration with CompuLaw rules sets.  Access thousands of jurisdictions and practice areas for all 50 states and get the rules support you trust with Aderant CompuLaw’s in-house attorneys.
    The use of automatic rules has proven effective in reducing the potential calendar-related malpractice claims against law firms.  More and more law firms are seeking quality rules vendors to supply deadlines. “We are thrilled to have CourtAlert provide their customers with access to Aderant CompuLaw Rules, the gold standard in the industry. Because CompuLaw rules are already used by 70% of the AM Law 100, CourtAlert firms can be confident of the reliability and accuracy of the rules they are getting from us.” - Executive Vice President of Strategy and Product at Aderant, Mike Barry.
    CourtAlert Case Management software is widely recognized as the premier solution for docketing and calendaring for any size firm.  The integration with Aderant CompuLaw allows for the application of real-time rules when calculating deadlines. When a user enters an event, service type and date, the system retrieves the latest rules and proposes deadlines in real-time.  The use of API technology allows for rules to be applied automatically to the deadlines, and eliminates the need to update the rule sets on the firm's servers.  No more sleepless nights worrying if the court rules were updated by an IT person or finding the time to do so after hours when no one is using the software.  Rules are updated automatically by Aderant’s support team.  In addition, per-case price is now available with access to rules without licensing the entire jurisdiction and potentially allows the law firm to capture the costs and transfer them to its clients by client-matter numbers.
    With CourtAlert technology the deadlines become diaries and are distributed via Outlook, diary alerts, display in the Inquiry Module, and printed/emailed Calendar reports.  Schedule a Demo Now at or 212.227.0391. 

  • April 15, 2015 11:20 AM | Deleted user

    CourtAlert ECF Assurance - Try up to 10 cases for up to a month at no risk!

    CourtAlert ECF Assurance alerts you when there is a new or revised PACER docket entry, and you did not receive an email notification from the court.

    We’ve recently simplified the implementation of this system, and are excited to offer new customers the ability to assure up to ten cases for up to a month at no risk. If you are not completely satisfied with the service, your first ten assured cases will be credited back to your account.

    For more information visit our website; call our New York office at 212-227-0391 or California office at 213-612-7771; or email

    Don’t be fooled by an imitation, only CourtAlert’s product has passed years of rigid testing. 

  • April 14, 2015 4:10 PM | Deleted user

    We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Danna Vernia, who will be located right in the center of Los Angeles, California. 

    Contact Danna by email at, or by phone:

    Office: 213-612-7771

    Cell: 818-530-8012

  • March 20, 2015 12:22 PM | Deleted user

    AT&T Loses $40 Million Appeal

    For this exact reason we have invented the CourtAlert ECF Assurance which alerts you when the PACER docket is changed, and you did not receive an email from the court. Less than $12 per case for District, Circuit and MDL cases. Learn more. 

    Don't be fooled by an imitation, only CourtAlert’s product has passed years of rigid testing.

    For more information visit our website, call 212-227-0391, or email

  • March 19, 2015 3:25 PM | Deleted user

    Never a Charge... Case Management Demo Tools and Procedure

    With the increasing demand for CourtAlert® Case Management and ECF Interface introduction, CourtAlert has streamlined the training procedure and available tools to test/get familiar with the system. CourtAlert Case Management is designed for large law firms and departments, and contain hundreds of optional features that can be turned on and off.

    Sales Presentation
    Please contact Erin Naylon at to arrange an overall demonstration of the case management solution. A typical overview demonstration requires about one hour, and is available on-site in New York and Los Angeles, or remotely from other locations.

    Unlimited Access to the Case Management System
    Upon completion of the four one-hour training sessions below, and execution of a confidentiality form (as we are frequently being copied), CourtAlert will provide unlimited remote access to the system.

    Training Session One - Docketing
    This session will provide a brief overview followed by a detailed explanation of how to open a case; docket a document/event; include PDFs in the docket; enter a deadline with or without automatic rules; and use the Patented CourtAlert reconciliation - the two-click inclusion of ECF emails and PDF files into the dockets.

    Training Session Two - Inquiry and Knowledge Management
    This session will cover the web-based inquiry module, and the knowledge management system. This session will detail system use as the depository of good quality documentation, as well as a business development tool for the firm.

    Training Session Three - Interfaces
    This session will cover various interfaces including two methods of interface with Outlook (Exchange); "matter centric" FileSite (iManage); accounting systems; Human Resource systems; and Information Technology. This session will also cover how CourtAlert Case Management implements Ethical Walls.

    Training Session Four - Reports and Report Writers
    This session will discuss the many available reports, and the report writer - the convenient method for the user to create his/her own screen, print reports, and save the definitions for later use. This session will also cover the Administration Module of the CourtAlert Case Management system.

    A Word about Cost 
    There is never a cost for any sales and training efforts prior to contract signature. The system license comes with specified hours included for training or programming.

    CourtAlert believes that the system should conform to the firms’ own policies, habits and workflow. Any customization is first specified (at no cost) and then a not-to-exceed quote is provided. The programming starts when the client approves the work. Hundreds of features are already programmed in the system, and the actual cost of the work is always less than what the client expects.

    A Word about Support
    The CourtAlert Support is the foundation of our reputation. There is never a charge to fix an error, and response time is in a few short hours, sometime even minutes. CourtAlert serves most large law firms, and Support quality is the key for this success.

    A Word about Data Conversion
    CourtAlert already has scripts (programs) to convert data from MA-3000, eDockets (American Legal Net), and other systems. In this process, the database is "cleansed" so that every court, judge, code, etc. will have only one definition for each possible value.

    A Word about Upgrades
    CourtAlert innovation is second to none - there is a long list of "firsts" which others try to copy. The investment in Research and Development is unique to CourtAlert.

    What’s Next
    Contact  for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

    We are Committed to Remain the Best!

  • March 13, 2015 10:20 AM | Deleted user

    CourtAlert® Patent Approved!

    U.S. Patent Number 8,996,590

    ECF Reconciliation and related inventions were incorporated to CourtAlert innovative case management system over a decade ago. In 2008 we applied for a patent to protect our invention, and this year it has been approved.

    With a few keystrokes the docket clerk can download notices from ECF courts, including the PDF files attached to these notices, and integrate them into the firm's Dockets. The ECF notices immediately become part of the firm's dockets.

    • MAO/Docketing departments can add comments and explanation
    • The attorneys see both the internal firm dockets and the ECF/PACER dockets in one place
    • The attorneys can look at the dockets and ECF files without connecting to PACER, thus reducing PACER costs (which can be expensive) 
    • MAO/Docketing follows all cases, including cases in remote locations.

    CourtAlert is committed to remain the best with continued innovation, quality and customer service. Thank you all for making this possible.
    About CourtAlert

    CourtAlert is the nation’s leader in providing court data to law firms and legal organizations. Most large law firms and corporations utilize CourtAlert services and software solutions. CourtAlert offices are located in New York and California. Visit our
    website, check out our Summary of Services, or email us at Info@CourtAlert.comfor more information. 

  • December 01, 2014 6:30 PM | Deleted user

    In the spirit of gratitude this holiday season, We'd like to extend a thank you to all the NDA members for your participation in the growth of CourtAlert. At the recent NDA conference this past October, we paid special attention to listening the needs of the docketing professionals in the industry.  We heard your feedback and have made some special improvements, added new features and functionalities in areas related to risk management, docketing/calendaring and case monitoring/tracking.  Thank you for your contribution to our improvement.

    Additionally, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the CourtAlert "Dice Bucket Challenge" at the NDA Conference. Congratulations to Julie Piere from Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart P.C. on winning a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet! CourtAlert has made a donation to the ALS Foundation to support this worthy cause and to say thanks for the inspiration for the idea of our "Dice Bucket Challenge" contest.

    Thank you to the NDA for providing this very important venue to give docketing professional the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge. We look forward to continuing the conversation and enhancing our services to accommodate your needs.

    Kara C. Looney
    Director of Business Development and Sales, West Coast

  • November 20, 2014 4:00 PM | Anonymous member

    CourtAlert® Releases CourtAlert Version 6.1


    November 20, 2014

    New York, NY


    The new 6.1 version contains dozens of enhancements and additional functionality

    Large law firms and law organizations nationwide rely on CourtAlert is a national Docketing & Calendaring Case Management Solution. This system is designed for large law firms with a unique workflow and heavy case loads. This sophisticated software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet each firm’s unique requirements.

    “CourtAlert is about innovation, we always were and we are committed to remain the leader in innovation in Docketing, Calendaring and Case Management, this release is yet another example.” Said Izzy Schiller, president of CourtAlert.

    An early adopter noted “The new version of CourtAlert has added so many periphery functions that I never imagined a system would be able to accommodate.”

    To allow the docketing and calendaring community to understand the new features, CourtAlert will describe new features in a weekly “Feature of the Week” which can be found on CourtAlert web site,



    About CourtAlert

    CourtAlert is the leading organization for providing court data to law firms and legal organizations nationwide. Most large law firms and large law corporations utilize CourtAlert services and software solutions.

    CourtAlert offices are located in NY and California.

    View a summary of our services here.

    # # #

    For more information about this topic or to schedule a demo please contact

    Yael Martin at (212) 227-0391, Kara Looney at (310) 921-8741

    or email us at

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