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Monday, October 23, 2023

  • Keynote Address:  Aaron Lukken, Esq. -- Generative AI... the Great Disruptor
  • Joseph C. Scott, Esq. -- Seeing Around Corners

    • Joe Scott believes that the future for docketing professionals has never been brighter – IF you can learn from the past, anticipate what’s around the corner, and plan accordingly.

      Joe explained why he believes that the Pandemic was good for Docketing Professionals who know how to apply the lessons from the past three years as a catalyst for better preparedness for the changing landscape in the legal industry.

       Joe shared some of his experiences and lessons learned during 20-plus years with legal technology and how they informed his expectations for the future. Joe’s goal is to empower you to see around corners, strategize for potential challenges, and develop contingency plans for the next disruptive event.

  • Chris De Santis -- Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work
    • Are your colleagues from distinctly different age groups?  Are you sometimes baffled or frustrated by their decisions and behaviors? You are not alone. Since the workplace is made up of multiple generations you are likely to experience generational friction first-hand. But let’s be clear: these are not problems to fix. Rather, they are differences to understand, appreciate and ultimately, embrace. 

      The American workforce has evolved to include four distinct generational groups. Therein lies the challenge and the opportunity. Each generational cohort comes of age during distinct environmental and socio-economic circumstances; we are all products of our respective times. These circumstances shape our motivations, expectations, and workplace behaviors.

  • Round Robins -- IP and Litigation
    • Litigation attendees discussed quality control best practices and working with peers.  The groups also discussed lateral or vertical transitions internal or to a new firm, including red flags and green lights.  
    • The IT group discussed how AI is being used in docketing now, concerns, information security and job security.  Attendees also discussed outsourcing IDS's, proofreading patents, docketing and PAIR, including any snags or drawbacks.  The IT group also brainstormed new ideas for the next conference.  Lively discussion was had by all attendees in both groups! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

    IP Track
      • What's Happening at the USPTO and Why You Need to Know

        Mollybeth Kocialski

        Mollybeth Kocialski, the Director of the Rocky Mountain Regional USPTO, delivered remarks on the latest metrics at the USPTO, updates on patent procedure and law, and how the USPTO has advanced since the pandemic. 
      • USPTO Examiners Roundtable (Panel only)

        Yashita Sharma and Sean Dougherty

        This roundtable with patent examiners was an interactive Q&A session in which attendees personally queried the examiners on Patent Office best practices, docketing and the law.  The examiners provided the attendees a unique perspective on the nuts and bolts processes and procedures inside the Patent Office.
      • The View from the Tower: Navigating the Madrid Protocol

        Steve Arathuzik

        With an emphasis on understanding its structure and timeline and on recognizing common problems, this aerial overview of the Madrid Protocol offered a docketing perspective to enable docketing professionals to better serve their teams and clients. Topics included the Basic Application, the International Application and Registration, Contracting Parties, Examination Periods, the Grant of Protection, Post-Registration Requirements and more.
      • IP Best Practices Roundtable

        Kristin Bigelow and Lori Martin

        This roundtable gathered panelists Kristin Bigelow and Lori Martin to discuss best practices in IP docketing. A lively conversation was had by all.   

      Litigation Track
      • Who's Down with OGC?

        Brad Rank, Esq.

        Brad discussed the role of the Office of General Counsel at a law firm and recounted his experience working under the OGC.  He discussed ways in which docketing has collaborated with the OGC to create cross-checks for risky practices and strengthen risk management policies at the firm. Brad also addressed common concerns about the OGC not understanding litigation functions of a docketing department and gave advice for how docketing departments can provide value to the OGC and your importance to the firm.
      • Cultivating Excellence Through Collaborative Docketing

        Karen Testa, Lisa Cadungug, Laurie Jennings and Bradley Small, Esq.

        This panel offered an engaging interactive discussion on "Docketing Collaboration: Driving High Performance." Attendees heard perspectives from multiple facets of the docketing world.  The panel incorporate poll questions throughout each segment.  The content of this panel will be divided into three distinct parts: People, Process, and Technology.  Uncover strategies for avoiding silos within your organization, ensuring effective collaboration across departments and teams.  Examine internal collaborative project tools as well as external collaborative tools like Open AI solutions and SALI Codes that can revolutionize your docketing practices and drive efficiency. The attendees shared experiences, insights, and practical tips and engaged with the panelists and fellow attendees to explore the essential aspects of collaboration, people management, efficient processes, and leveraging technology. 
      Lori Grazio, Esq.

      Lori took the audience through the analysis required to determine the appealability of orders.  Examples included orders from federal courts and a few state courts as well.  She discussed and the group worked through these examples using the framework of a rules-based docketing system.  The audience learned tools to apply this analysis to daily docketing workflow.

      Marie Milovanovich and John Robinson

      Marie and John reviewed the California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP), the California Rules of Court (CRC), Local Rules, and Judges' Rules, and the exceptions to the rules!  They introduced the audience to the resources available to confidently docket pleadings, discovery, motions, and pre and post-trial deadlines.  This session was of particular benefit to those who do not practice in California on a regular basis.  


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