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Welcome sponsors! This section includes information and resources specifically for our business partners to take advantage of their sponsor dollars.


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Did you know that Sponsors...

  • Manage their own profile account and can keep it updated with new products and service offerings any time. The main sponsor admin is the one the public views in the Legal Marketplace.
  • Can add additional members to their group bundle.
    • Platinum - up to 10
    • Gold - up to 5
    • Silver - up to 2
  • Get opportunities to submit articles or other papers on the member education page of the NDA web site as well as in the NDA Journal (Platinum and Gold Sponsors only).
  • Are entitled to participate as a speaker in the monthly professional speaker series as well as provide product demos to members and guests (Platinum Sponsors only).
  • Can announce new products or services for free by posting on the Industry Announcements blog, which is seen on the NDA home page (Platinum and Gold Sponsors only).

Photo Albums 

All sponsors have the ability to create photo albums as part of their profile. This feature enables sponsors to upload photos relating to their products, services, announcements, etc. Members and visitors can view them through the Legal Marketplace page by clicking on the sponsor's profile.

Just visit your profile and start uploading photos. Learn more.


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