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CourtAlert® Patent Approved!

March 13, 2015 10:20 AM | Deleted user

CourtAlert® Patent Approved!

U.S. Patent Number 8,996,590

ECF Reconciliation and related inventions were incorporated to CourtAlert innovative case management system over a decade ago. In 2008 we applied for a patent to protect our invention, and this year it has been approved.

With a few keystrokes the docket clerk can download notices from ECF courts, including the PDF files attached to these notices, and integrate them into the firm's Dockets. The ECF notices immediately become part of the firm's dockets.

  • MAO/Docketing departments can add comments and explanation
  • The attorneys see both the internal firm dockets and the ECF/PACER dockets in one place
  • The attorneys can look at the dockets and ECF files without connecting to PACER, thus reducing PACER costs (which can be expensive) 
  • MAO/Docketing follows all cases, including cases in remote locations.

CourtAlert is committed to remain the best with continued innovation, quality and customer service. Thank you all for making this possible.
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