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JuraLaw Changed the Legal Calendaring Landscape 10 Years Ago

March 24, 2022 3:16 PM | Anonymous member

Over the past 10 years, technology has significantly improved workflow efficiency and accuracy in the legal calendaring space, and it began with the introduction of JuraLaw, the FIRST completely web-based legal calendar management system in 2012. 

Prior to the introduction of JuraLaw, electronic legal calendaring systems only existed on law firm servers. While law firms have typically not been early technology adopters, they quickly embraced JuraLaw’s web-based format that eliminated the software installation process, allowed users access wherever they had an internet connection and automatically provided all users with the most current JuraLaw version available. Today, law firm customers also appreciate that JuraLaw is hosted in the AWS cloud where their data is secure and less costly to store.   

JuraLaw was developed by Law Bulletin Media, a family-owned business that's been providing the legal industry with products and services since 1854.  LB Media created the first legal calendaring system, DM200, in 1984. Over the years, LB Media has been the leader in anticipating customers’ future technology needs by transforming DM2000 into their national JuraLaw product, introducing JuraLawyer, the first integrated legal calendaring app and developing proprietary migration tools to onboard new customers accurately and efficiently. 

In its next decade, the JuraLaw team promises to continue to provide the best customer support led by former law firm docketing professionals and to continue to offer the most technologically advanced, yet intuitive JuraLaw product based upon customer input and feedback. 

The future is bright for law firms that use JuraLaw. 

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