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Never a Charge... Case Management Demo Tools and Procedure

March 19, 2015 3:25 PM | Deleted user

Never a Charge... Case Management Demo Tools and Procedure

With the increasing demand for CourtAlert® Case Management and ECF Interface introduction, CourtAlert has streamlined the training procedure and available tools to test/get familiar with the system. CourtAlert Case Management is designed for large law firms and departments, and contain hundreds of optional features that can be turned on and off.

Sales Presentation
Please contact Erin Naylon at to arrange an overall demonstration of the case management solution. A typical overview demonstration requires about one hour, and is available on-site in New York and Los Angeles, or remotely from other locations.

Unlimited Access to the Case Management System
Upon completion of the four one-hour training sessions below, and execution of a confidentiality form (as we are frequently being copied), CourtAlert will provide unlimited remote access to the system.

Training Session One - Docketing
This session will provide a brief overview followed by a detailed explanation of how to open a case; docket a document/event; include PDFs in the docket; enter a deadline with or without automatic rules; and use the Patented CourtAlert reconciliation - the two-click inclusion of ECF emails and PDF files into the dockets.

Training Session Two - Inquiry and Knowledge Management
This session will cover the web-based inquiry module, and the knowledge management system. This session will detail system use as the depository of good quality documentation, as well as a business development tool for the firm.

Training Session Three - Interfaces
This session will cover various interfaces including two methods of interface with Outlook (Exchange); "matter centric" FileSite (iManage); accounting systems; Human Resource systems; and Information Technology. This session will also cover how CourtAlert Case Management implements Ethical Walls.

Training Session Four - Reports and Report Writers
This session will discuss the many available reports, and the report writer - the convenient method for the user to create his/her own screen, print reports, and save the definitions for later use. This session will also cover the Administration Module of the CourtAlert Case Management system.

A Word about Cost 
There is never a cost for any sales and training efforts prior to contract signature. The system license comes with specified hours included for training or programming.

CourtAlert believes that the system should conform to the firms’ own policies, habits and workflow. Any customization is first specified (at no cost) and then a not-to-exceed quote is provided. The programming starts when the client approves the work. Hundreds of features are already programmed in the system, and the actual cost of the work is always less than what the client expects.

A Word about Support
The CourtAlert Support is the foundation of our reputation. There is never a charge to fix an error, and response time is in a few short hours, sometime even minutes. CourtAlert serves most large law firms, and Support quality is the key for this success.

A Word about Data Conversion
CourtAlert already has scripts (programs) to convert data from MA-3000, eDockets (American Legal Net), and other systems. In this process, the database is "cleansed" so that every court, judge, code, etc. will have only one definition for each possible value.

A Word about Upgrades
CourtAlert innovation is second to none - there is a long list of "firsts" which others try to copy. The investment in Research and Development is unique to CourtAlert.

What’s Next
Contact  for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

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