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CourtAlert ECF Assurance Gaining Widespread Popularity

December 04, 2012 11:15 AM | Anonymous member

What it does: ECF Assurance alerts users in the event that you do not receive a CM/ECF email notification from the Court. It also alerts of revised dockets text when the court did not notify users.

Why it’s necessary: The ramifications for missing an important ECF emails could be devastating. Attorneys have found themselves having to ask the court for extensions, or worse, potentially open to malpractice liability because they missed a CM/ECF email. 

Relevant Rules and Case Law - Click Here for complete research

How it works:  CourtAlert ECF Assurance automatically and reliably compares the court docket to the email notifications you receive from court. Users are alerted when there is a new or revised docket entry which was not received by CM/ECF Notification. 

We recommend you speak with the Partners, General Counsel, Risk Manager and Ethics Manager of your firm to let them know about ECF Assurance. If you don’t regularly check the docket sheet you are at risk for what others have gone through.

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