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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

IP Track:

William D. Raman, Esq., Partner, Fleckman & McGlynn PLLC:  Trademarks and Docketing in the U.S. and Abroad 

Bill spoke to conference attendees regarding trademark prosecution, explaining the “why” questions regarding certain trademark deadlines, trademark law principles and policy, and the applicability of the deadlines to those principles.  A copy of Bill's presentation is located here.

Rosaleen D. Walsh, Senior Patent Administration Manager, Foley Hoag LLP:  Hiring and Retention Strategies

Rose  spoke to the crowd (and kept them in stitches) about the vagaries of hiring, retaining and training IP staff in private practice in the 21st century. Rose is also the author of "U.S. Patent Prosecution for Support Staff: A Desk Reference."   Rose's conference presentation is located here.

Hon. Alan D. Albright and Chad Ennis, Esq.:  Navigating IP Rules in Texas Federal Courts 

Alan and Chad discussed court rules and docketing in the federal court jurisdictions with the top 10 patent cases before them.  Their presentation is located here.

Jarrett Perlow:  Handling IP Appeals in the Federal Circuit 

Jarrett delivered a nuts-and-bolts session on filing and docketing appeals before the Federal Circuit. A copy of Jarrett's presentation can be found here:

IP Roundtable:  Let’s Talk: A Candid Discussion with IP Docketing Professionals, Beth Hella, Leslie White, C.P. & Kristin Bigelow. Moderated by Igor Olenich

This roundtable discussion focused on the issues IP docketing professionals face daily, but talk about rarely: affecting change as a non-manager, improving efficiency, staying focused, Docketing systems, and paperless environments.

Litigation track:

Federal Panel, Parts 1 and 2, Hon. Alan D. Albright, Jarrett Perlow and Thomas Plunkett. Moderated by Peter McGowan, Esq.

This panel discussed current procedures and best practices in the Federal Circuit and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Alan Albright serves on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.  Jarrett Perlow is the Deputy Chief Clerk of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Thomas Plunkett is the Chief Deputy for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The presentation is located here.

Mary Louise Mitterhoff, Vito Genna, Eddie Andino, Autumn Porter & Melissa Hughes:  The Past, Present and Future of PACER & CM/ECF, Moderated by JoAnn Buss 

This panel examined the evolution of the relationship between PACER and CM/ECF leading to Central Sign-On and its practical use today, as well as a discussion into the future of Case Management docketing systems in the Judiciary.  The second session covered what to do to prepare for the Next Generation (NextGen) of CM/ECF and steps attorneys will need to take to prepare for NextGen, including a demonstration with Q&A session. The presentation is located here.

Conversations on Calendaring:  An In-Depth View of the LIT Docketing Landscape, Michael Nega, Nicole Reeber & Sarah Wood. Moderated by Elaine Screechfield

This was a moderated panel discussion with audience participation that included an in-depth view of the LIT docketing landscape, subject matter experts, NDA Member Resources, and NDA Chapters. The presentation is located here.

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