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Monday, September 24, 2018

Welcome Remarks, Presentation of the NDA Docketing Awards and NDA Business Meeting.

Keynote Address — Peter R. Marksteiner, Circuit Executive and Chief Clerk, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit:  Overload in the Digital Age 
Mr. Marksteiner’s presentation is not available for distribution.

Presenter:  Randy J. Curato, Vice-President, Senior Loss Prevention Counsel, ALAS, Inc.:  Docketing — From an Insurer’s Perspective 

Missed deadlines are perhaps the classic error of legal malpractice. Whether it be litigators, patent prosecutors, or transactional lawyers, failure to meet deadlines can occur. This presentation addressed how missed deadlines occur and offered suggestions on not only how lawyers can avoid them, but importantly, how docketing professionals can help lawyers and law firms properly identify and meet deadlines.  Randy's presentation is located here.  

IP and LIT Best Practices Round Robin (2 Parts)

The ever popular IP and Lit roundtables were held again! Conference attendees were allowed time to network and engage with each other in two chosen topics over two timed 40 minute sessions.  These topics included:  

Big Data: Mining Your Docket for Business Development/Case Research:  
• Quality Control: How do Firms Manage the Process?
• The Docketing Software Experience

• Quality Control: How do Firms Manage the Process?

• The Docketing Software Experience

• Use, Renew, Repeat: The Trademark [Re]Cycle Process

• Give Me a P!: An Enthusiastic Patent Best Practices Discussion

• Would You Like Files With That?: Managing IP Records in an Electronic World

The slides of the Round Robin Best Practices sessions are located here.  

Presenter:  Hope Shimabuku, Director, United States Patent Office Dallas Regional Office:  The USPTO in 2018 and Beyond

Regional Director Shimabuku gave an enlightening speech and provided insight into the impact of IP on the U.S. economy and the USPTO’s role in innovation. The presentation included policies and proposed rule changes affecting patent and trademark examination as well as resources information.  Hope's presentation can be found here:  

Lesli D. Harris, Esq.:  Developments in Trademark Litigation

Lesli spoke to the conference on the latest developments in trademark litigation, including high profile litigation in the sports and entertainment industries.  Lesli's presentation can be found here:

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