National Docketing Association

Day 1

Copyright Fundamentals Michele Ayers presented valuable information on access to copyright protected music, images and text as a part of their everyday work life. Awareness of the copyright implications and the best practices in content reuse are important factors in making educated decisions around the use of copyright protected materials.


Day 2

ICANN, the Domain Name System and How That’s Relevant to Your Work Mary Wong presented an overview of ICANN’s mission and policy development scope. She also provided current information on the New gTLD Program, Dispute Resolution and Trademark Protections as it relates the role of a docketing professional.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Practice (including Madrid Protocol) Craig Morris gave attendees an overview of the practices of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with a focus on obtaining information from the attendees on ways the Trademark Office can improve practices. 


A Former Judge’s Views From Inside to Out Scott Kamholz former Administrative Patent Judge of the PTAB spoke about his experiences with IPR docketing from the inside as a judge contrasted with the nightmarish experience of filing an IPR as a private practitioner. He also addressed some tricky scheduling tangles that docketing professionals should pay close attention to in order to help keep their lawyers out of trouble 

Day 2 Continued

The Expanding Role of Docketing Professionals: New Tools With Big Data Scott Hansen discussed how docketing professionals are the back-bone of a law firm and protect the firm and attorneys from themselves and others. How we usually know more than many attorneys regarding the deadlines and when things are due. Attorneys make mistakes and docketing saves them. He gave several examples of errors attorneys may make that good docketing prevents. And addressed how we run the daily task list for attorneys and make them aware of what the attorney may have neglected or did not realize was due.


Madrid Protocol and Specifically, Docketing the Madrid Protocol: Best Practices and Keeping Attiya Malik from the USPTO covered a large range of topics including: Basics of filing Madrid applications in the U.S., Notices of Irregularity, Office Actions, Subsequent Designations, Ceasing of Effect and much more. All from a docketing perspective. 


IP Roundtable - Best Practices and Procedures Topics for a time-shortened roundtable this year included requesting feedback on what the IP track attendees would like to see for future conferences and webinars and best practices for hiring new employees. 

Moderator: Igor Olenich 

Panelists: Kristin Bigelow and Leslie White

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